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Gone are the days when residents of Andhra Pradesh would rely on intermediaries before buying sand for personal or commercial use. This is because the state government of Andhra Pradesh has introduced an online portal from where residents can buy sand without having to move a muscle. Well, this is quite breath taking considering your only need to visit the official website of the Sand Sale Management and Monitoring System (SSMMS) before making a booking.

Despite the website being fully operation, some residents are still relying on outdated methods when buying sand. What they may not know is that they are missing a host of benefits that are set to transform their sand buying experience. Among the most notable benefits that residents of Andhra Pradesh are destined to enjoy by opting to book ap sand online include:

  1. Real prices for sand buyers
  2. Sand buyers have the opportunity to learn more about sand stockyards near their area.
  3. APMDC provides sand to towns and villages from their local rivers and Mandal.
  4. Local villagers can access sand from small rivers freely
  5. It is easy for the government to keep track of sand deals online.

Now that you know the benefits of booking sand online, it is high time that you put this into practice. However, before doing anything else, you will have to register yourself on the site as either a General Consumer or Bulk Consumer. For those who may not know, the General Consumer option is specifically set aside for individuals who want to buy sand for home construction or personal use. On the other hand, Bulk Consumer option looks into the needs of buyers who need sand for commercial or real estate use not forgetting big construction projects.

To see the big image of AP Sand Online Application For Booking click on it.

Step By Step Guide on AP Sand Online Booking Application Filling in

Upon registration on the website, you can use the systematic guide given below in booking sand online at any time of the day that you find appealing.

By following the above steps, you are never going to encounter and problems when book AP sand online booking in website.

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